Masala Kandap Machine

Masala Kandap Machine (Spice Grinding Machine)

Pound means strike or hit heavily and repeatedly. It is ideal for making powder of food grains and ayurvedic medicines according to traditional methods. It is fitted with cam lever arrangements for extra power to hammer. Automatic stirrer is provided in the chamber to shift the materials while hammering. It is equipped with specially designed lever to lock or unlock the hammering process.

Sieving can be done while hammering is locked / stopped. It is provided with fly wheel with pulley for easy smooth operations. Some of its features include less noise, dust free operation, no wastage of product and pollution hazards, low maintenance, etc. Grinding is carried out in a cool atmospheric temperature, which guarantee against any thermal degradation of product quality and flavours. DOWNLOAD

The following are the features of the Masala Kandap Machine:

  • Operates on 1 HP Electric motor single phase
  • Attractive & sturdy MS steel frame chassis
  • Cam lever arrangements for extra power to Hammer
  • Heavy C.I.- Flywheel with pulley
  • Automatics vibrating screen with start & stop arrangements
  • Easy, smooth operation
  • Less noise-Low maintenance

Technical Specifications:

Hammer Two
Hammer Dia. 50 MM
Hammer Length 1150 MM
Cam Two
Flywheel with pulley 525 MM
Piston pin dia. 30MM
RPM 110
Power supply 1 HP
Drive V -belt
Approx. weight. 175 Kg.